Best Online Casino Games

There are literally hundreds of online casino games populating online casinos.

Can you believe that my boss expected me to wade through all of ’em just to write this article? That’s like, thousands of hours playing casino games! The nerve!! Doesn’t he know that I’ve got better things to do with my time?!? Paying me to play games, are you friggin’ kiddin’ me?

(God, I love my job).

I’ve discovered that not all casino games are created equal. There are some that seem to lend themselves better in the world of online gambling than others, and on this page, I’ll tell you which top three online casinos are, point in fact, better than land-based versions.


Blackjack pros – those that are already familiar with perfect strategy and all of its variations – get off on playing as many blackjack hands as quickly as possible. In their mindset, there’s no time to hesitate – they already know which actions to take. They want a lightning-fast “deal and take action” type of action, and online, that’s exactly what they get. Online, blackjack players are able to play rapid-fire blackjack and several hands simultaneously.

A great place to get your blackjack game on is at Cherry Red Casino, where RealTime Gaming-powered blackjack games await. And new members can receive up to $7,777 across their first ten deposits as a welcome bonus.


Online, slots is so much better than at land-based casinos. For one, software-based games (as opposed to live, hardware-based games) is the perfect breeding ground for amazing bonus games, and top online casino software developers maximize this aspect of online slots admirably.

As well, casino games’ payout percentages are usually better online, rather than offline – due largely to the fact that land-based casinos have a lot of overhead to deal with, whereas online operations can spread the love around a bit more. Try finding a 98.7% payout percentage offline…

A great place to spin those reels is at Crazy Slots, where new member can cash in on a $12,500 welcome bonus! Games are powered by Vegas Tech.


For some of the same reasons as they pertain to blackjack above, poker is a great game to play online. For one, poker players can find the entire gamut of poker games variations easily at their fingerips. And they can join a table / game immediately. And you can find freerolls, playing for free while winning real money, and you can play in poker tournaments against poker pros and beginners alike for money or seats at live poker tournament events via satellites.

A fantastic place to play poker your way is at all-around MVP Bodog, where new members can take advantage of a 110% match bonus on their first deposit and many free game tables.

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