Best Online Casinos For World Players

The state of online gambling in the US is currently in flux – current laws regulating gambling over phone lines is at best, outdated, at worst, murky, unclear, and completely irrelevant.

Let’s be clear, unless your state specifically prohibits online gambling, it’s NOT illegal to gamble online. A federal law may make it illegal for financial institutes to process online gambling-related financial transactions (which is why online casino operators are licensed in such exotic places, like Gibraltar, Malta, and Costa Rica). Again, though, there’s no current federal laws that prohibit players from gambling online, provided that there’s no state law where you live that does prohibit the activity.

While Congress hashes out the the gray area in the US, many online casinos have decided to err on the side of caution and won’t allow US players to become members of their site(s). Here then, is a listing of the best online casinos for world players (but don’t worry, dear US residents, there’s a page on this site devoted just to you).

For now, check out our recommended online casinos for worldwide players (except for US player!):

Europa Casino uses Playtech software as its base of game operation – as such, game play is top-notch, with a few really inspired game gems thrown into the mix for good measure (i.e. the “all-pay” Grail Maiden). Playtech has recently gotten the Marvel bug, and their slot portfolio contains many online slots games inspired by Marvel-themed films (themselves based on the comic books), such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Elecktra and Blade, most featuring actual clips and audio soundbites from the films.

First-time depositors at Europa Casino can receive up to £2,400 as a welcome bonus.

At InterCasino, new members can get £€$125 as a welcome bonus when they make their first deposit. Games at InterCasino are powered by CryptoLogic, and their portfolio of games is a perfect counterpoint to Europa Casino’s. Whereas Europa Casino’s games include online slots inspired by Marvel-based films, InterCasino has many online slots inspired by the original source material, the comic books themselves.

These are but a few options to work with. We do highly recommend them but only as players who have found they are up to snuff in a lot of the areas that really matter when dealing with this type of thing. I mean let’s just think about it for a moment. Who really wants to be playing on a site with less than spectacular security in place? Who wants to play on a site that has a spotty graphics system in place? Who in their right mind would want to visit and play at a site that has no one that they can play against?

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