Good Times II

Sometimes I like to play an online poker tournament on the weekend. I do not always get the chance but If my wife’s honey – do list is not to long, I do enjoy one occasionally. Very luckily for me I was able to get my chores done and I did not have any extra errands to run that day so I had an open block of time. I am pretty flexible about what kind of action I find online. That day because of the turn of events I was able to catch a pretty nice tournament. There were quite a few players I remember and the buy in was no laughing matter. I almost did not enter because it was about as big a game as I ever play. I have won several smaller tournaments but I have never placed in anything as big as that one. I am pretty good at cards, in my opinion, so I decided to give it a try. I entered myself and waited for the start time which wasn’t too far away.

That was one of the finest ideas that I credit myself with. Trust me I credit myself with some very fine ideas indeed. This one just about takes the cake. Now, let me prequalify that statement. I have moments, like anyone else, that stand out above all others. Moments like the moment I get married and moments like when your children are born. These moments will, of course, always be at the top of the list. Not too far below those moments are some other very memorable moments as well… You know the type of moments that contain great accomplishments. This day would end up containing one of those moments. I love moments like those, Don’t you? They are really enjoyable for several reasons.

That day I started off strong. I was able to double up my stack of chips pretty quickly. I was the chip leader from the very beginning at my first table. I finished that table up without any sort of problem. It all seemed like a whirlwind to me. You see there was only 1 time I was ever even in any danger of being put out of the game and that was because I pushed all in against the big stack at the final table we played. That was when we first sat down at the final table. I have to admit, I was a little worried for a minute but it turned out he was bluffing so I had nothing to worry about. When the dust settled, I took home the big win. It was a pretty penny but the truth is that I was much more pleased with the victory than with the money even though the money went a long way towards a down payment towards a new home for my family.